Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Head over Heels In (pause) well in something....

"Hoooonnnney!", this time he shakes me.

It's 2 am.
I really thought I was dreaming but because we are talking about MY husband - I guess I should have known better.

"We need to talk!"
NOoooNoNooooNo -in my Kevin Hart's voice. (this is what I am thinking)
However I have been married for 18 years, in that time frame you get to know your husband VERY well so I knew not to say that out loud. That is one of those" roll your head behind their back" type statements that you did when you were a kid.  Why? Because that would have added extra unnecessary minutes to this "talk".

We need to talk. *ponders on those words. Typically in most relationship those words initiates a little fear in the hearts of the one receiving these instructions. It usually meant something dreadful was about to follow.  In MY relationship, marriage..... love affair *rolls eyes, that meant he REALLY wanted to talk. Our roles are truly reversed - he is the one always "wanting to talk" and I am the one who is always "not wanting to listen"....

So for the next half hour, I laid in the bed listening, *pause *thinks about it for a minute..... OK! Let's say at least HE thought I was listening!!!, to his endless counts of his day; to him informing me that I should drive him to work all next week and something about some lady with a bad back. Quite honestly all I heard was blah, blah, blah blah blah. For the most part I just say a couple of unh-huh's every now and then. I know right - just like a man!

One of our conversations during our "talks":

"Honey, are you listening...."
"OK, what did I just say..."
*scratches head, "OK, tell me again!...."

You are each others, my beloved is mine and I am his... -Song of Solomon 2:16

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