Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vulture-like Experience!

"You will say to them, 'This is what the Lord says, "Do men fall and not get up again?"...
Jeremiah 8:4

I have been away!

**mojo: motivation, creativity, courage or better yet just plain discouraged.
I can not determine if I lost my mojo** or what. I just feel like I have been to an indecisive wilderness and back.  Nonetheless, I have been away too long... that term, "been away too long" just reminded me of my grandfather -Bill! After a night out with the boys; he would always come in singing "Have I been away too long!!!!" (He made that song up and he sung it very loud and off-key)

Anyway, I see I have not lost my sidetracked-ness(Don't try to figure it out; it came from the "purp-tionary". We will refer to it often.)
What was I talking about? Oh yeah vultures.....

A friend of mine created a group on Facebook. It is in the spirit of websites like Myfitnesspal, Spark people and etc...  We post our daily workouts, encourage one other share helpful healthy living information and allow my friend to make his Beachbody coaching plugs. LOL! OK ignore that part. There is a particular individual in the group who is a major firecracker. I mean she will run 11 miles, do a p90x workout and 100 sit ups all in one day. Who does that?

Today I set out to be like Ms.Run 11miles! Remember that line your parents always told you; you know the one about being yourself, blah!blah!blah!blah!..... I should have listened!
So, I ran hills on my lunch.(something else she does -hence where I got the ideal.) I think I completed 5 rounds where I ran up and then walked down before of course, I fell out!!!!! Who was I kidding?! How do I get myself into such escapades....

Finally, I looked up from my grassy place of slumber I had made. Yes, I am lying on this hill - bugs and all; listening to all the annoying cars honk their horns as they passed by.
...sidenote: Notice I said "passed by" because not nayer stopped to see if I was alright. "I don't need you honking at me, mister - but you can give me a lift back to the house!!!" Oh gheez! stay on track lady stay on track.

So I am looking up and noticed a vulture circling. Sometimes people in our lives can be like that vulture, circling waiting on you to stay down - Ha!Ha Mr. Vulture - I got back up! Don't play....
Yes I have been away and I HAVE been down.... but, do not count me out!

#Ain't we glad GOD is not like that vulture -
When Life brings you vultures! Get up! & Stand tall in your slamming pair of HIGH HEELS........

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Would! or Not!

Oh yes, yes, YES! I Would.... definitely Kicking them out the door with your High Heels!
I first got a glimpse of these shoes when I perusing the pages of Your Next Dress and they featured how NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta rocked these babies however, when I went back to find the article so I can show how HOT they are it was nowhere to be found. Oh well -Trust me she was hot.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Signs you are obsessed with shoes


Psalm 91..And he shall keep his angels charge over thee to keep you in all your ways!

My husband and I were laying in bed {this is where we hold all our family meetings} last night, talking. In light of the ravishing tornados that hit the DFW metroplex yesterday, many homes were destroyed; many lives were changed. I send all praises to a mighty God that He saw fit to spare lives. Although there were some injuries there were no fatalities as of date. My entire family (Jacksons, Burkhalters, Nix, Walkers, Nicot and Holmes) are home safe. I stand in the gap for my DFW brothers and sisters who experienced loss and I pray for protection, comfort and a piece of mind!

My husband in his infinite wisdom decides that he would be my knight in shining armour and say to me, "if we ever experiencing destruction to our home, I would send you and the girls to a hotel and I would stay behind and protect our home." I say, "there is nothing in our house that valuable, you will come with us." He say, "what if someone comes in and steal your shoes?" (trying to be funny). I say, "No....... I'm taking my shoes with me!!!!" End of discussion - lights out!

That whole interchange brought to my remembrance an article I read on Your Next Shoes; it was entitled, "30 Signs You are Obsessed with Shoes, Part 1". This article is the article that did it. It helped my realize my obsession and finally stand up at Shoe-acohlics Anoymous and say, " Hi, My Name is Theresa and I am obsessed with shoes." Thank you, Your Next Shoes.... Thank you!

Here are my top 5 signs from this list:

5. You remember every single one of your shoe purchases.
    #well, I dont remember every single purchase -sometimes i forget! I will have to tell you that story!
4. Your remedy to a bad day or a foul mood is to go shoe shopping.
3. You buy clothes based on the shoes that you already have.
2. Shoe shopping is scheduled into your monthly, weekly or even daily routine.
1. You have a “shoe” category in your budget. Not “clothing or clothing/shoes/accessories”. Just “shoes”.
    #ok, this is the one that took me straight to SA meetings...I thought I was the only crackpipe that did this!

These Giambattista Valli Two-tone metallic leather pumps are HOT AS HEEL!!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First pair of High Heels


Remember when you got your first pair of high heels. I was in the 8th grade and they looked sorta like this:

What was I THINKING?
Actually the shoe is not all that bad however I was in the 8th grade with huge feet - super huge feet. I am thinking not a shoe for an 8th grader. I twitched my little tootie fruttie in them anyhow.

I tell you what at the time I thought I was the dot on the “I” ! Mine where a blue green algae color and I wore a turquoise dress made out of – what is that material called? TERRY CLOTH!!!! That’s it! The dress was terry cloth. OhMyGrapeJelly! The top portion was a striped tube top (mind you I had absolutely ­NOTHING to fit in that tube top –nada! but tube top nonetheless) and the bottom half was a solid turquoise. Let me not leave out the most unforgettable part ~ "the cape" like thing that gracefully wrapped my boney shoulders.  I was on my way to Solid Rock Baptist Church! Good times. Good times.
In fact, I was so impressed with what I thought was sooooo fly that I wore my "high heels" to school one day. Now that I think about it, I know you girls at I.E. Johnson was laughing at me behind my back. I had not forgot  – I will get you back!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am Your Sugar...


I am listening to this song last night - one of my all time favorite songs when my ever so inspiring husband walks in from a long day of work.
Our conversation:
Me: You wanna be my "sugar man"...
Hubby: Sure Hunny, what you need me to do...
Me: Buy me lots and lots of shoes....

He turns around and walks out! Was that a no? Gheez, I wasn't done talking....


Monday, March 5, 2012

The Proverbs 31 Woman!

High Heels...

Growing up, as far back as my now aging and limited memory allows, I remember seeing my grandmother in high heels. At the time -  I didn't understand that deep burning love of high heels.

My grandmother was a strong, independent woman who molded me into the woman I am today. She raised us with the principles of the Virtuous Woman. We learned to keep a clean house, cook meals for our families (ummm well I didn't quite master that trait until well into my married life but anyway back to my story) and we did all the outdoor aspects of maintaining a hearty home. My grandmother did it and did it all gracefully in her high heels.  I have a distinct memory of watching my grandmother climbing an apple tree and then shaking it so that the delicious fruit would fall for us to collect. She had on high heels then too.... ok, maybe that was just my vivid imagination but I hardly remember a time she was not wearing heels.
My grandmother was a fox too.... there was nothing you could tell her as we pulled up to church and she pranced in with her hat cocked to one side, her fur wrapped around her shoulder and the tallest heels imaginable gracing her feet.

I was well into adulthood before I was bitten by the high heel bug; the art carefully molded into me by my hot shot grandmother. As I stand back to admire my growing collection and reminiscence of the dancing lady - cutting the grass; pushhing a lawn mower in her high heels; I definitely know that this is an acquired taste; an family trait.....and its not my fault! ....That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adding to the Collection!

High Heels....

Introducing the Latest Acquistion to my Collection:
Penny Loves Kenny Satin...

Whoa mama! These babies are High Heels to the Max.

One day last week, I got dressed to go out to dinner, I selected my wide leg jeans as slamming outfit of choice - very fashion foward right? Well if they are not; I LOOOOVVEE me some wide leg with a cuff pants. So I grab these, put them on and sat down on the couch - barefoot. When I got up to go put on my shoes; my foot(actually it was my toe) got caught up in what I am now thinking was not a bright ideal pant leg causing me to fall. Needless to say I jammed, spranged, broke -take your pick- my dang toe and could not walk for days. Hilarous....

What did that have to do with my new shoes, you say! Well....I tried practicing walking in them today so I will not have an accident when I wore them for the first time and because of my first demrod accident it was a little painful. Other than that I think the shoe is pretty comfortable - I will have to get back with you on that one.

sn: I shared this story (the one about the toe jam) with one of my nephews and he advised me that if I had on some skinny jeans I would not have had this problem! Thank You for your advice Hollywood - You are so Smart.

My fashion tip for today...
1. Wear Skinny Jeans - they are safer!
2. Penny love Kenny Satin shoes are Hot!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

" I Would... " or " NOT..."

I don't get it....

I tried I really did.... I even looked for ways to wear them. Um! yeah I still don't get it. NOT!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fedex Man!

My husband came home from work tonight and said he saw the fedex truck out front and then proceeded to say, I quote "I thought we was getting something  - like some shoes" {he put emphasis on shoes}.....
#silly rabbit! like I really allow you to see the fedex truck deliver me some shoes!

Rule #9: Never let him see them come in!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"I would..." or "Not..." ~ ZiGi Black Label Brink – Cinnamon Suede $369.99

This shoe would definitely be on my "I would" list except for one simple fact. I have a pair of shoes that just has the spikes on the back heel and I keep pricking myself every time I wear them. So this pair I am thinking would involve some blood shed..... but I lovvvveeee them! Maybe I will get them and some bandaids!

Who I am kidding? Did i not see the price tag ~ this goes under the category of "buy them and wind up divorced"!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The art of sneaking in a pair of fabulous shoes…

High Heels....
I have created this system! And I think it is pretty darn good one ~ I creatively named  it “the art of sneaking in a pair of fabulous shoes…”.
Why sneak – you say? I am grown and I work and you not the boss of me, blah!blah!blah!
Well all those arguments are very good points and very convincing; however they also lead to Rule #1 {and the very most important for the success of this system}……. Pick Your Battles!
Are you ready? Here we go....

Rule #2: the box….
That’s evidence! Leave at the store…. Put in the dumpster on the way to the house! Whatever! Don’t walk in the door with it.

Rule #3: the large and very fashion forward -I might add purse…
That’s transport! After all, you did just leave the box in the store and a nice pair of stilettos’ fit perfectly well in there.

Rule #5: the closet…
Your new purchase should be immediately placed in the closet! Do not pass GO! Do not stop at boardwalk! Keep it moving straight to the closet!

Rule #6: communication…
Question: “Where did you get THOSE from? Answer: repeat after me “Out the closet”! end of sentence!

Let’s stop right there and bring up another important point.... Never indulge too much information. He just asked you a simple question, nobody asked you to start telling when you put the dang shoes in there. He didn’t ask all that.  Stay focused – that’s how you get trapped. Then you will have to go all the way  back to rule 1 – pick your battles because the battle will be on.

{Whew, sorry went off in the deep end there} Ok, that can be rule # 7.

Rule #8: the abe Lincoln…
Carefully follow numbers 5 & 6! Don’t worry about it – it’s not a lie! Remember number 7? 

We will refer back to these rules often and add more to them. I know you all have some that we can add.... let me know!

{sidebar: I like the look of exclamation points<!>, I use them often. Don't get offended. I'm not yelling - I just think they are cute!}

Stop thinking about yourself and help someone else!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kick 'em out the door with your HIGH Heels....

Sometimes our " storms" are for someone else! God need you to be the example for someone else! 

We are well over a week into the new year and who besides me has already fell off the wagon ...

WAIT!!! every wonder who comes up with that stuff anyway... who the heck you know will still be within 10ft of a wagon in the first place - the wagon has not been around since when? that means we are conforming to something some dude made up in 17 hundred and forever. I don't wanna say ... wagon - REMIX!!!!!

....and who besides me has already fell off their HIGH HEELS!!!!

ummmm ok! I went off the yellow brick road for a minute and now have forgotten my topic; let's just fast forward to the punch line.

Here's my top 5 New Year's resolutions to live by....
{sidebar: since I am not ALL that wise - some of these I stole!}
#5: If you can't see them in your future, they ought not be present....
#4: Life is about choices and consequences! Make the wrong choice - Deal with the consequences...
#3: Nobody is in charge of your happiness - except YOU...
#2: Put God first! You'll never be last...
#1:Go for it!  Don't let anything stop you, not nervousness, not fear!  Kick em out the door with your High heels!
(thank you "wise lady" who encouraged me with that one - you know who you are!!!)

Anyone with me in resolving to find our "sole-mate"... not letting anyone stop us! Not the pesky little husband who keep asking "where did you get those from..."; not the nosey wanna be friend who say "that's why you can't pay your bills always in the shoe store".. "well you know what - why do'nt YOU pay them while you all up in my business." (ok! focus..focus...)

Don't worry I am here to help, I got all kinds of tricks up my sleeves from How to sneak in a great pair of shoes, when your husband threatens you with "if you come in this house with one more pair of shoes, I'm setting you AND your shoes out the front door"
{sidebar: responding "Is that all I can take?" is not the right answer - I tried that -didnt go over well!}
to what to do to make sure you are not disappointed on christmas morning.

There will be weekly picks - on a budget! (ok, some not so on a budget), tips and guest editors. It will be fun! kick up your heels, stay awhile,  and whenever love... life... or whatever! try to get you down....(repeat after me- no wait, with me!)
Kick 'em out the door with your high heels.......Ladies!!!