Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First pair of High Heels


Remember when you got your first pair of high heels. I was in the 8th grade and they looked sorta like this:

What was I THINKING?
Actually the shoe is not all that bad however I was in the 8th grade with huge feet - super huge feet. I am thinking not a shoe for an 8th grader. I twitched my little tootie fruttie in them anyhow.

I tell you what at the time I thought I was the dot on the “I” ! Mine where a blue green algae color and I wore a turquoise dress made out of – what is that material called? TERRY CLOTH!!!! That’s it! The dress was terry cloth. OhMyGrapeJelly! The top portion was a striped tube top (mind you I had absolutely ­NOTHING to fit in that tube top –nada! but tube top nonetheless) and the bottom half was a solid turquoise. Let me not leave out the most unforgettable part ~ "the cape" like thing that gracefully wrapped my boney shoulders.  I was on my way to Solid Rock Baptist Church! Good times. Good times.
In fact, I was so impressed with what I thought was sooooo fly that I wore my "high heels" to school one day. Now that I think about it, I know you girls at I.E. Johnson was laughing at me behind my back. I had not forgot  – I will get you back!


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