Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Signs you are obsessed with shoes


Psalm 91..And he shall keep his angels charge over thee to keep you in all your ways!

My husband and I were laying in bed {this is where we hold all our family meetings} last night, talking. In light of the ravishing tornados that hit the DFW metroplex yesterday, many homes were destroyed; many lives were changed. I send all praises to a mighty God that He saw fit to spare lives. Although there were some injuries there were no fatalities as of date. My entire family (Jacksons, Burkhalters, Nix, Walkers, Nicot and Holmes) are home safe. I stand in the gap for my DFW brothers and sisters who experienced loss and I pray for protection, comfort and a piece of mind!

My husband in his infinite wisdom decides that he would be my knight in shining armour and say to me, "if we ever experiencing destruction to our home, I would send you and the girls to a hotel and I would stay behind and protect our home." I say, "there is nothing in our house that valuable, you will come with us." He say, "what if someone comes in and steal your shoes?" (trying to be funny). I say, "No....... I'm taking my shoes with me!!!!" End of discussion - lights out!

That whole interchange brought to my remembrance an article I read on Your Next Shoes; it was entitled, "30 Signs You are Obsessed with Shoes, Part 1". This article is the article that did it. It helped my realize my obsession and finally stand up at Shoe-acohlics Anoymous and say, " Hi, My Name is Theresa and I am obsessed with shoes." Thank you, Your Next Shoes.... Thank you!

Here are my top 5 signs from this list:

5. You remember every single one of your shoe purchases.
    #well, I dont remember every single purchase -sometimes i forget! I will have to tell you that story!
4. Your remedy to a bad day or a foul mood is to go shoe shopping.
3. You buy clothes based on the shoes that you already have.
2. Shoe shopping is scheduled into your monthly, weekly or even daily routine.
1. You have a “shoe” category in your budget. Not “clothing or clothing/shoes/accessories”. Just “shoes”.
    #ok, this is the one that took me straight to SA meetings...I thought I was the only crackpipe that did this!

These Giambattista Valli Two-tone metallic leather pumps are HOT AS HEEL!!!!


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