Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vulture-like Experience!

"You will say to them, 'This is what the Lord says, "Do men fall and not get up again?"...
Jeremiah 8:4

I have been away!

**mojo: motivation, creativity, courage or better yet just plain discouraged.
I can not determine if I lost my mojo** or what. I just feel like I have been to an indecisive wilderness and back.  Nonetheless, I have been away too long... that term, "been away too long" just reminded me of my grandfather -Bill! After a night out with the boys; he would always come in singing "Have I been away too long!!!!" (He made that song up and he sung it very loud and off-key)

Anyway, I see I have not lost my sidetracked-ness(Don't try to figure it out; it came from the "purp-tionary". We will refer to it often.)
What was I talking about? Oh yeah vultures.....

A friend of mine created a group on Facebook. It is in the spirit of websites like Myfitnesspal, Spark people and etc...  We post our daily workouts, encourage one other share helpful healthy living information and allow my friend to make his Beachbody coaching plugs. LOL! OK ignore that part. There is a particular individual in the group who is a major firecracker. I mean she will run 11 miles, do a p90x workout and 100 sit ups all in one day. Who does that?

Today I set out to be like Ms.Run 11miles! Remember that line your parents always told you; you know the one about being yourself, blah!blah!blah!blah!..... I should have listened!
So, I ran hills on my lunch.(something else she does -hence where I got the ideal.) I think I completed 5 rounds where I ran up and then walked down before of course, I fell out!!!!! Who was I kidding?! How do I get myself into such escapades....

Finally, I looked up from my grassy place of slumber I had made. Yes, I am lying on this hill - bugs and all; listening to all the annoying cars honk their horns as they passed by.
...sidenote: Notice I said "passed by" because not nayer stopped to see if I was alright. "I don't need you honking at me, mister - but you can give me a lift back to the house!!!" Oh gheez! stay on track lady stay on track.

So I am looking up and noticed a vulture circling. Sometimes people in our lives can be like that vulture, circling waiting on you to stay down - Ha!Ha Mr. Vulture - I got back up! Don't play....
Yes I have been away and I HAVE been down.... but, do not count me out!

#Ain't we glad GOD is not like that vulture -
When Life brings you vultures! Get up! & Stand tall in your slamming pair of HIGH HEELS........