Monday, January 16, 2012

The art of sneaking in a pair of fabulous shoes…

High Heels....
I have created this system! And I think it is pretty darn good one ~ I creatively named  it “the art of sneaking in a pair of fabulous shoes…”.
Why sneak – you say? I am grown and I work and you not the boss of me, blah!blah!blah!
Well all those arguments are very good points and very convincing; however they also lead to Rule #1 {and the very most important for the success of this system}……. Pick Your Battles!
Are you ready? Here we go....

Rule #2: the box….
That’s evidence! Leave at the store…. Put in the dumpster on the way to the house! Whatever! Don’t walk in the door with it.

Rule #3: the large and very fashion forward -I might add purse…
That’s transport! After all, you did just leave the box in the store and a nice pair of stilettos’ fit perfectly well in there.

Rule #5: the closet…
Your new purchase should be immediately placed in the closet! Do not pass GO! Do not stop at boardwalk! Keep it moving straight to the closet!

Rule #6: communication…
Question: “Where did you get THOSE from? Answer: repeat after me “Out the closet”! end of sentence!

Let’s stop right there and bring up another important point.... Never indulge too much information. He just asked you a simple question, nobody asked you to start telling when you put the dang shoes in there. He didn’t ask all that.  Stay focused – that’s how you get trapped. Then you will have to go all the way  back to rule 1 – pick your battles because the battle will be on.

{Whew, sorry went off in the deep end there} Ok, that can be rule # 7.

Rule #8: the abe Lincoln…
Carefully follow numbers 5 & 6! Don’t worry about it – it’s not a lie! Remember number 7? 

We will refer back to these rules often and add more to them. I know you all have some that we can add.... let me know!

{sidebar: I like the look of exclamation points<!>, I use them often. Don't get offended. I'm not yelling - I just think they are cute!}

Stop thinking about yourself and help someone else!

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