Monday, January 21, 2013

Money Monday: BUILD your House!


The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.
Prov 14:1

Shortly after Christmas, I posted a picture to LoveLifeHighHeels  of the shoe organizer that I received from my vivacious youngest daughter. And yes, that is what I asked for!!!! My intent of the post was to poke fun of the fact that it was almost to capacity and I was 100% sure I needed another.
sidebar - It reminds of the one my dad built me while he was visiting and how he got upset with me because I too filled that one to capacity. He said I had too many shoes but I say you never have too many shoes just not enough space!!!

Anyway back to my story, Someone so graciously made the comment on the post, after examining my shoe rack waaaaay to closely in my opinion, "What no red bottoms?!!!!" *Fade to black - Let us take a break in reality at this very moment and allow me to be a little transparent, I have a some knowledge for you in terms we can all understand..... I "ain't got" red bottom money - WHOOP there it is!!!! *Fade to light - After carefully thought and trust me I thought about it for a long period of time; I replied, "My red bottoms are stored on a special shoe rack all by themselves unfortunately without the green stuff "The Man" will not allow me to bring it(the rack) and them(red bottoms) home.  Pretty witty, huh? Well, I thought so, it left nothing to the imagination. She replied,  "What? No Credit Card!"

I'm puzzled!

Trust me I love Red Bottoms as much as the next girl and I plan to own a few pairs - someday!
However when I lay on that counter(NO! I am going to slap it down like dominoes and say, "we don't love them..." ROFL calm down Snoop, calm down).... When I lay down my cash for them; I want to make sure I am not buying stock in ramen noodles for the next 10 years in order to pay for them.
Rephrase: If buying stock is what I was actually doing (which is a good thing but a different Money Monday story) and not the only person getting rich like in MY scenario is Mr. Ramen Noodles hence lies the problem. The problem - society created to make us all think -charging things you can not afford is an acceptable thing to do.  Living in my car with my Red Bottoms is not cute....

Today's Money Monday is dedicated to all of us trapped in a society of Credit Card - No money:

The Truth about Credit Card Debt.... Dave Ramsey

When I can buy a pair of red bottoms, I want these (hopefully they won't be out of style by the time I get them):

Smooches, LoveLife&HighHeels
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