Thursday, May 28, 2015

The "I Love Lucy" Syndrome....

From the Pumps'tionary: 
i love lucy
[ahy luhv loo-see]
shenanigans, always getting into something; trouble

Have I been away toooooo long!
My grandfather who drunk excessively would always come home singing this made up in his head song after a night of drinking. I often wonder how he managed to make it all the way home from wherever he was safely then procedeed to fall out his truck and lie on the ground singing till someone came to help his tail up!
Anywho back to my story... where was I going with this????

OH It has been awhile since I have blogged; I am excited about taking it to the next level.

DAY 1:

I spend my day looking at articles, posts, videos etc and then I decide in my head, "HUMMMM! I can do that!!!" or "I am going to try that and see if it works". I am a "tryer", a tester whatever you want to call it, I just know my husband is quite tired of all my shenanigans.

The latest that has my undivided attention {sidebar: my attention is short so none of these ideals last long}  I found on Pinterest (OMGrapeJelly, talking about obsessed with Pinterest. I will stay on that allllll day). Anyway, let's stay focused here.....

Jersey Girl cut all forms of cardio and did only strength training in her quest to transform her body from what she described as "skinny fat" to muscle definition. She states, (and I quote)
*click on Jersey Girl above to read everything she said. Again, my attention is short*
"What women fail to realize is that doing ONLY cardio won't change the shape of your body/muscles. Sure you will lose body fat but what is underneath that fat is not going to help shape you."
Awesome, I thought let ME try that! (Great, here I go again!!!).....

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 179.0
BMI: 30.7 (obese... but I have 1lb to get to overweight! *that is a come up*)

Neck: 14 1/2
Upper Arm: (L) 12 1/2 (R) 13
Chest: 43 1/2
Waist: 39 1/2
Hip:  42
Thigh: (L) 25 (R) 25 1/2
Calf: 15 (both)

Do you see my stomach???? Ice Burn from my last experiment - coolsculpting! I decided to stuff my shorts with ice packs to see if it works. #shrugs **disclaimer: that is NOT how the procedure works (short stuffing) that was just my "I Love Lucy". *You would think I would learn my lesson.

Maybe I should have comb my hair!!!! #againIshrug

My husband bought me a coke home from work hence why my plans are always spoiled! He could have least picked my name since he insist on not listening to me when I say not to bring me sodas!

Lacing up..... Hey!!! I need to shave.... #shrugging

I decided to stick with her workout schedule since she so nicely posted it in her post - 
Leg Day!
5 minute warm-up on Treadmill: (incline 3.0mph)
1: Walking Lunges: 3sets of 8reps with 15lb dumbbells.
    Side Lunge Squats: 3sets of 8reps with 15lb dumbbells.
2. Back Squats - 3sets of 8 reps holding 15lb dumbell at shoulder level
    Step Up: 3sets of 8reps with dumbbells.
3. Leg Curls with exercise ball: 3sets of 8reps
    Calf Raises

I ended with 3 sets of something ELSE I saw someone do and now I am trying to get the move down....

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